James Solly


Reiki Master

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung

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"A couple of sessions with James, was all that I required to overcome a serious drug addiction. From the off James makes you feel at ease, and his technique is so effective that if you need help in anyway, he is most definitely your go to guy. Such an amazing treatment and service, it really will benefit anyone with any mental health concerns"


"If I were to rate James Solly sensibly in terms of stars out of 5, I would give him 5, but I am inclined to afford him a universe of gratitude.



"I felt very relaxed and calm at all times and my experience felt relevant to me."


 "During the weeks that passed afterwards I feel stronger in myself"

"Just a couple of hours of hypnotherapy one morning made a world of difference"


 "I seem to have more of a desire to use my voice and express how I feel in an honest loving but empowered way" 


"James is a very calm, loving and empathetic young man with a spiritual understanding and wisdom much greater than his age."  


"He is very compassionate and has a sincere desire in wanting to help people to heal."  

"The irrational fear of falling stopped me from doing many things in the past but I am confident that now it will have no power over my future." 

"I was initially scared that 'hypnotherapy' was going to be invasive or make me feel too vulnerable, but this was not the case."

"He seems to have an innate knowledge about the process of hypnotherapy and the most effective ways of helping."

"how natural and exciting it is to become in communication with your own unconscious mind"

''I couldn't recommend James highly enough, a very relaxed atmosphere which made the process and absolute breeze. The result of the treatment has been perfect for me so far.                                                                                           "






The state of hypnosis is one of relaxed focussed attention. It is a completely natural state that everyone goes through everyday, between being fully awake and completely asleep. Hypnotherapy looks to consciously communicate with your internal world, though exploring and conversing with our subconscious mind. You may have heard of the amazing powers of 'placebos' where someone has been tricked into believing that they are better or being cured and actually get better! What these have shown is that the body and mind have an amazing ability to cure themselves if they are allowed to.


Hypnotherapy is aiming to address and clear any blockages or negative belief systems that are standing in the way and preventing your mind and body to naturally heal itself. It is an incredibly effective, non-evasive form of healing and unlike the way stage magicians may suggest, a person is totally safe and in control at all times, if anything they are in more control than they have been in a long time. 


The conscious exploration of your internal world does not just have to be about healing a specific ailment, we can explore your genuine desires, your innate intelligence and even your underlying nature. Hypnotherapy is for any type of self improvement to attune you with living at your highest potential. Feel free to book a session even as just a self-exploration. 


How Effective is Hypnosis?

The Results of a Comparative Study by the "American Health Magazine" states:















According to this study Hypnosis is the most effective form of therapy you can undertake.


- James Solly  Hyp. BA GQHP



There is a range of sessions available, but whatever you choose will be tailored specifically for you. 
Hypnotherapy can help with... 
 Weight Control
 Smoking Cessation
 Pain Relief
 Skin Conditions
 Pregnancy and birth pain
 Sexual difficulties
 Relationship issues
 Spiritual Growth
 Emotional Healing
 Sleep problems
 Eating Disorders
 Exam preparation/nerves
 Driving test
  Sport performance
- and many more...
No matter what ails you or how serious an illness or issue is, here we will look to aid you as much as we can, even if it is just to offer some relaxation. Some marvels have taken place through inner healing and every little helps. This is not an advocation to replace medical or Doctor suggested treatment with hypnotherapy, but is offering a complimentary assistance to any issue you may be suffering with. Hopefully with surprisingly beneficial results. 

Robinswood, 133 Burley Road, Bransgore, Christchurch, Dorset, BH238JA

James Solly

Tel: 07540358297

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