James Solly


Reiki Master

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General Practicioner



Some of the techniques I use are:


  •  Integrated Parts Therapy

  •  Direct Metaphor

  •  Guided Imagery

  •  Regression

  •  Past Life Regression

  •  Future Life Progression

  •  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  •  Hypno-Gastric Band

  •  Hypno-Birthing

  •  Fast Phobia Cure

  •  Inner Child Healing

  •  Smoking Cessation

  •  Weight Control Techniques

  • Addiction solving Techniques

  •  Reiki and Energy Work

  • Mind-Body Connection


I look to maximise the clients communication with their unconscious mind and allow them to become back in tune with their natural ability to heal themselves. therefore the experience becomes unique and personal to the client as each will have a personal way of communicating with their own mind and body. Here I do not attempt a one size fits all technique. Hypnotherapy is an entirely safe non-evasive practise and the client will remain completely aware and in control at all times.


Hypnos, God of sleep, where the word hynosis is derived from

About Me
I qualified with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Mind Coaching From Transformations School of Clinical Hypnosis. I have since trained closely with Dr. Brian Roet, author of 'Understanding Hypnosis: A practical Guide to the health giving benefits of hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis'. He has helped me in refining the most effective ways of communicating with the unconscious mind for healing. I have been a keen student of eastern philosophy, meditation and healing for many years. I have sought to bring together the wisdom at the core of their teachings, with the western point of view, in a way that is not so mystical and intimidating. Hypnotherapy offers the potential to combine this wisdom and healing with the practicality and simplicity of the western mindset, providing the most effective way of beneficial change that I have found.
I look to offer the most effective treatment and service I can, tailored specifically to each unique client through a range of hypnotherapy, NLP techniques and energy healing. 
I have also received a BA in Fine Art and am currently a practising artist and filmmaker. 
The hypnotherapy is undertaken in a comfortable, professional environment as seen below:

Smoking Cessation

Smoking has proven to be a very hard habit to crack. Hypnotherapy, has proven, however, to be the best method to help crack it. 

Through Hypnosis and NLP we can give you your freedom back and help make it so you do not even fancy a cigaret.


"The result of the treatment has been perfect for me so far "



Fears and Phobias can massively impact your day to day life. These can be easily cleared up, bringing an end to any suffering you have been experiencing. They are almost always learnt unconsciously and can be swiftly unlearnt allowing you a far easier life.


"Having been afraid of falling for as long as I can remember, I never expected things to change. And then I met James."


Weight Management


With mounting stress of modern life, often food can become a major and possibly even only source of comfort for people. Sometimes can be seen as the only thing they can control In many cases it is not a matter of will power, your unconscious mind is working against you, meaning no diet or exercise structure will have lasting benefits. Through Hypnotherapy an NLP techniques we can address any poor beliefs about food, exercise and body image and help allow yourself to transform into your ideal body. 


"I felt back in touch with that quintessence of me that is so easily lost out of sight."


Emotional Issues


It can be hard to deal with our emotions, from heightened anxiety to anger problems. It is an area very overlooked today which is why so often these issues can lead to more serious conditions like panic attacks and depression, this can even manifest as a physical illness. Hypnotherapy can go to the root of any emotional issue and then learn how to balance this emotion in a healthy way. No matter how extreme any problem has become, hopefully we will be able to offer help. 

"Such an amazing treatment and service, it really will benefit anyone with any mental health concerns"




Initial Consultation

This is the preliminary discussion, looking at how Hypnotherapy help you.





a single session will include a brief introduction to hypnotherapy, a discussion about whatever issues you may have, then if you choose, we will you hypnosis to communicate with whatever ails you in order to heal it. You are free to come back and have as many single sessions as you like. This is recommended if you are curious about Hypnotherapy, or you feel you have a quickly resolvable issue.






You have the option of block booking two sessions. This is recommended for a phobia, addiction, or an anxiety or anger issue. the second session will offer you a more conclusive experience.






You have the option of booking in for three session, this is recommmended for the weight loss and Smoking cessation package. also if you have what you feel to be a less resolvable issue, this option maybe of value to you.






*All sessions are free to cancel with a 24 hour period of notice

Physical Disorders


Every cell in the body is linked directly to the brain through the nervous system. Many physical disorders seem to occur because part of your body is no longer in alignment with the rest of your body or you mind. Through hypnotherapy we can communicate with whatever ails you through the mind body link and see if we can help it come back into alignment with the rest of you. Skin conditions, IBS, random pain and many more have been very easily cleared up through Hypnotherapy. If you book a session hopefully we will be able to clear whatever blockage, repressed memory or poor belief has been causing your issue and help you live back in harmony with your physicality. 

"his technique so effective that if you need help in anyway, he is most definitely your go to guy."

Robinswood, 133 Burley Road, Bransgore, Christchurch, Dorset, BH238JA

James Solly

Tel: 07540358297

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