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What is Reiki?

Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. The healing art of Reiki is a practice that restores balance and harmony within the body by the transmission of healing energy through the hands of the practitioner. During sessions, focus is given to the clearing and alignment of the body’s energy system through the 7 main Chakras, which can sometimes get blocked from physical or emotional experiences, causing an imbalance and dis-ease within the body.

The Session

To establish how Reiki can best help you, the first appointment includes a full consultation before any energy therapy is given. A brief medical history will be taken, and a client consent form signed.


During the healing you will be fully clothed and laying on a treatment couch, or sitting in a chair if this is more comfortable for you. I will place my hands  just above your body at various energy points. This is a pain-free and very pleasant experience. You can completely relax – in fact many clients fall asleep during the session.

Training and Understanding 

I have practised Reiki for many years and have trained under wonderful guidance of the gifted Jackie Howchin, qualifying as Master Reiki Practitioner. Reiki is an amazing, powerful form of energy healing, that rebalances and clears the energies held in the body and mind, through the utilisation of the polarities in the hands. The process might seem strange at first in relation to a western way of thinking, but I have had amazing results with Reiki.

My journey into Reiki has been most insightful, wonderfully complimenting the practice of Hypnotherapy. During the experience I receive understandings, through my own mind-body language, of the beliefs and energies that are causing any blockages or issues. These are often stored in the form of metaphor, through interpreting these metaphors one can gain insight into the blocking belief, then through communication and allowing these metaphors to change one can release the blockage. I can relay this whole journey to you, during or after the session. It is very much like I am doing the hypnotherapy session for you. 

I aim is to demystify the Reiki process, bringing as much understanding and comfort to it as I can. It is an incredibly beneficial and natural experience that can aid in all manner of ways, at every level, always looking to harmonise the mind, body and soul.

The more you learn about Reiki and the mind-body language, you quickly understand how practical, literal and to the point it actually is. A great way to understand Reiki could be as an energy mechanic: scanning to find any blockages in the body or mind, discovering the belief that is causing this blockage; allowing the mind-body communication to update and change it to an easier more beneficial structure to allow for renewed natural flow of through the body and mind. 


"After breaking my pelvis and walking around on it at the age of 89 undiagnosed for 6 months, I still experience constant pain and discomfort, a whole year later. Having tried medical help, painkillers and even chiropractics, nothing seemed to have much affect. I tried reiki through recommendation and for the first time since the accident I had no pain in this area of the body. I was nervous to saying anything incase I would jinx it, I learnt that I couldn't and the change was genuine. Amazing. I now go once a month. 


"I was plagued with constant bought of anxiety and panic, to the point I did not know where to turn. I have had no anxiety since my session and renewed energy levels."

"Amazing insight. I have tried other forms of complimentary therapy, but Reiki with James has been the most powerful. would recommend to anyone." 

"A wonderfully relaxing experience. I slept like a baby afterwards."

"The level of detail James can give about what he sees during the session is fascinating."

"I have seen improvement in all areas of my life since starting my sessions with James: mental, emotional, spiritual, social and even financial.'"




Initial Consultation

This is the preliminary discussion, looking at how Reiki can help you.





a single session will include a brief introduction to Reiki, a discussion about whatever issues you may have. You are then free to lie on the table and relax while I do the Reiki session. this will include a balancing of you chakras and then a focalised looking and balancing of whatever issue or blockage that you are here for. After the session which usually takes 45 minutes, I will explain to you what I understood and felt was going on and the changes made. This is often quite comprehensive so I write it up and if you like, send you a copy.






You have the option of block booking two sessions. This is recommended if you feel it is an issue that will require more than a single session or would feel comfortable with a follow up session. The second session will offer you a more conclusive experience.






You have the option of booking in for three sessions, This may be of value to you if you would like regular Reiki, or feel you have an issue or injury that will require multiple sessions. 



Follow up Consultations


Often it is advisable to have a follow up session, for review and peace of mind. If it is felt that further therapy is not requires I only charge for a follow up consultation. 






*All sessions are free to cancel with a 24 hour period of notice

Robinswood, 133 Burley Road, Bransgore, Christchurch, Dorset, BH238JA

James Solly

Tel: 07540358297

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